January 17, 2010

On The Road

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Let the celebration begin!!!

Soccer is a religion in Africa, and during the 2010 FIFA World Cup enthusiasm and joy will surge through the continent. This summer’s international soccer tournament is the first ever to be hosted on African soil, and it presents an once-in-a-lifetime occasion to grab the attention of both local African communities and the world. To make use of this unique opportunity, a group of social entrepreneurs are planning the Kampala 2 Cape Town Tech Road Show as an exhibition and celebration of innovative technologies that have the capacity to create jobs and improve livelihoods in African communities.

The driving force behind the Kampala 2 Cape Town project is a desire to destroy the dominant Western narrative that Africa is a “Third World” in need of charity and financial aid from “Developed Countries” to bring an end of poverty.  The road show will demonstrate an alternative development path based upon using innovative 21st century technologies to create income generating social enterprises.  A fun, informative technology road show during the World Cup will be the catalyst in bringing together a dynamic network of individuals and organizations that understand innovation not aid is the method to mitigating poverty. A grassroots movement to improve the livelihood of the African population has grown organically over the past few years. However, information sharing between the players is weak and is being marginalized by large international organizations with big budgets. With the Kampala 2 Cape Town show we will change the game!

The idea behind the project is simple. Travel between Kampala, Uganda and Cape Town, South Africa during the FIFA World Cup, enjoy the thrills of the soccer matches with a few hundred young people, and during halftime and between matches showcase technologies and social entrepreneurship projects. Technologies currently under consideration for the show are a charcoal from agricultural waste system, slow drip irrigation, pedal powered cell phone charger along with the latest in telecommunication technologies.

To actually carry-out this ambitious idea, it will take months of planning and preparation which begins today. The Kampala 2 Cape Town planning team is in Uganda and over the next two and half months will also be working in Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia and South Africa. During this stage we are looking to bring together the best programs and projects to showcase in each country. If you are reading this then you have the opportunity to be a part of the show. In the weeks ahead we will be investigating and discovering the technologies, community partners and sponsors that will make the show a success. If you are interested please get in contact with us by visiting www.kampala2capetown.com or e-mailing info@kampala2capetown.com. We look forward to sharing more in the days ahead!


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