February 19, 2010

The Ultimate World Cup Celebration

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The road show crew has delayed our trip into Tanzania for an extra week to join forces with an up and coming East African bus company called Kampala Coach. We heard that they were planning a big World Cup celebration of their own, and so we decided to take a day in Nairobi to meet with their General Manager, Jack Okoth. When we found out their plans, one extra day turned into an extra week to finalize a plan to work together to carry out the ultimate world cup celebration.

Jack’s team at Kampala Coach was already planning the Nomad Safari, an opportunity for the comprehensive traveler who wants to reach South Africa on a budget. It offers an affordable and exciting way to reach the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Individuals can depart from Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, or Zambia and travel on brand new luxury buses to South Africa.

Along the way they will sample Africa’s greatest land marks, sights, and nightlife, staying at pre-selected campsites providing full board and accommodations en route. Fans on the Nomad Safari will spend 12 days touring landmarks and landscapes and get the option of spending 5, 7 or 10 days in South Africa. (www.kampalacoach.com)

When our team explained the idea of putting up big screens to bring attention to social issues, the Kampala Coach team became extremely enthusiastic, and so we developed the idea further into “super football fun parks” where for all 30 days of the world cup social events could take place. The super football fun parks would be community spaces the size of a football pitch where large numbers of urban and rural populations across Eastern and Southern Africa can celebrate the World Cup as if they were in attendance at the event itself. Between matches the space will be used for a variety of activities, including 3 on 3 soccer tournaments, family oriented events and social empowerment programs. The fun parks will be free to the public and offer an unforgettable place to take in world cup matches.

We decided on seven African countries are to have a fun park established near their main city center. The city parks will be stationary and operate for all 30 days of the World Cup. Rural villages in each country will have the opportunity to experience the fun park atmosphere as well. A mobile fun park will be deployed in each country to visit towns across the countryside for three day programs. The technology road show would visit a combo of stationary and rural parks to make for well attended exhibitions.

But how to gain momentum and attract the sponsors and community buy-in for the road show and community viewing venues? For this, the Kampala Coach/Tech Road Show team developed the “Fireball Countdown Tour”. In the three months leading up to the world cup, the fireball world cup countdown tour will build hype and excitement for the biggest football tournament in African history. A branded bus and mobile screen will travel across East Africa in the months of March, April and May to carry out a variety of events. The fireball road show will entail a number of activities aimed at engaging the football fans and helping to instill in them euphoria towards the big event. An SMS You and Your Crew World Cup raffle will be promoted as an opportunity to win a free trip with five of your friends. A unique free kick competition will be  another way to win your way to South Africa.  Football skill clinics will be offered to youth.

What is left now is to find the sponsors to help us make this ultimate World Cup dream a reality! Let’s not let the first time host continent end up watching like this…



  1. gear africa said,

    Great Idea ! I am sure there are enough enthusiasts already. Check out Face Book fan pages on the same. GA

  2. Ardi (Indonesia) said,

    Hi there,

    I have read a bit about the Kampala Coach World Cup Bus. It sounds like an awesome way to explore Africa on road and enjoy the World Cup!!!

    Unfortunately I’m have extreme difficulty getting more information on departure dates and bus company contacts (email/phone). I’ve tried their website, but the schedule files cannot download and the comment box doesn’t work.

    Could you possibly help with a contact email address or the like?


    (a football fan from Indonesia)

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