May 23, 2010

Technical Solutions

Posted in Pre-World Cup Planning at 2:38 pm by kampala2capetown

K2CT is a technology savvy group, we searched long and hard for a technical solution to screening matches. With Open Air Cinema and their amazing inflatable screen we have selected a partner to help bring the World Cup to rural communities in Africa. Our attraction to Open Air Cinema was that they are already realizing the potential for more than just World Cup screenings to educate and inspire many.


“Open Air Cinema has turned its attention to communities throughout the world. We have created the Open Air Foundation to find socially progressive uses of our CineBox Global systems and inflatable screen technology to help solve some of the most critical problems faced by developing nations. We have already worked with organizations such as FilmAid to bring inspirational media to millions of people in East Africa. We have also joined with Shine Global and Fine Films to screen the Oscar-nominated documentary War/Dance to thousands of people living in northern Uganda’s most isolated refugee camp. At present, we are working with the Rwanda Cinema Center to take local films into the most remote corners of Rwanda. At Open Air Foundation we believe that large-scale outdoor media is an ideal catalyst prompting education social change.”

Open Air Cinema’s work with the Rwanda community is inspirational, it is fueling not just screenings, but new jobs in the form of the Rwanda Cinema Center and the K2CT planning team was lucky enough to also get counsel from Leah Warshowski, who has been documenting the growth film in Rwanda and the potential in the power of inflatable screens:

18 Days to the World Cup…


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