June 5, 2010

Enormous Expectation

Posted in Pre-World Cup Planning at 5:11 pm by kampala2capetown

With less than a week to go in the 2010 World Cup, expectations are rising. For Kampala 2 Cape Town, our change agents are arriving on site and preparing for the big event. We have finalized our community sites and are proud to announce them to the world:

Gisenyi, Rwanda

Kampala, Uganda

Oyugis, Kenya

Mongu, Zambia

At each site there will be an inflatable screen and a variety of community activities. Each site will be a little different, but we hope to learn from the different sites what works in bringing community together around sports. We believe that reaching towards Millennium Development Goals can be a fun and engaging process.

Each site also has a local community member taking the lead. In Rwanda, Ayuub Mago, has shared a little about the final stages of the planning phase.

“I am a Rwandan amateur film maker. My passion and job is to make videos in the local language, Kinyarwanda and to take them to the rural areas and screen them for free to young people there. About 2% of the 10 Million Rwandans have access to a television. There is not a single Cinema hall in the true sense of the word. I work for the Rwanda Cinema Centre and every year we host a film festival of which Hillywood is part. Hillywood is therefore my baby. I co-ordinate. We have a giant inflatable screen that was donated to the centre by Rosenthals which we use to screen and enjoy local videos with the rural youth.

Recently a project from heaven landed itself on my doorstep. From heaven because my passion as is to entertain and engage with the Rwandan rural youth and this project is about just that. A young man called Joe Agoada called me and asked me if I wanted to help coordinate something called TheKampala 2 Cape Town project. It basically required me to do what I do in Hillywood. A few emails and phone calls later, Joe landed in Kigali on 25th may. We started working to prepare the historic exciting event. The idea is to screen the world cup matches live to an audience that would otherwise never have the chance to see the games. To them and Africa in general, it is a dream come true.

After identifying the location and choosing a local community organization to act as partner in this, it was time to test the equipment. Joe had used his genius to fly a 16feet inflatable screen complete with it’s blower and recording device. Part of my job is to find a good reliable technical team of Rwandans to operate and train the local partners on how to use the equipment.

So as the excitement reaches fever pitch in the whole of Africa and Rwanda in general, so it is for me and Joe and his partners. We tested the equipment and are sure it works prted looking through the timetable to chose which matches we think our audience will enjoy most. We plan to record those matches that will happen before dark. One of the main constraint is that we can only screen after 6.30pm when it is dark enough to project on the screen.

Everything seems to be in order now and we are planning to travel to the location which is in the North Western part of Rwanda in a district bordering Goma in the Congo. “


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