June 17, 2010

Environmental Clean-Up @ Uganda K2CT Screenings

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I am in a slum of Kampala the captial of Uganda – there is plastic (they call it poly) EVERYWHERE!!!  They just throw it on the ground not thinking anything of it – I asked a food venor if he had a bin to take my trash and he lost it laughing was clapping and hitting his knee.  But that is the conciousness here.  I am working with a great center helping kids but they never concidered poly being something to tackle.  They burn it all or it goes on the street or in the streams.

So I am oganizing a clean up with the kids one block in front of the center.  I spoke with the slum chairman and told him that we are going to clean 1 block, install a chained metal bin and put signs up that says please no poly on the street we have a bin.  The supplies I need to get for the clean up are thick gloves because the trash is nasty, rakes to get the plastic out of the dirt and garbabge bags.  They don’t even have garbage bags!!!  It took us 5 minutes to communicate to the owner of a HARDWARE store what a large garbage bag was… that is how bad it is.  They don’t bother collecting it – they throw it on the street or burn it – no need for big bags, crazy right?

I showed the kids the gloves and they were soo excited to see somthing newly bought, they don’t even have shoes.  We will do it between the WC games on friday and feed them fruit when they are done.

We are doing so many cool things.  Making soccer balls out of plastic and giving them out to kids, I am giving speeches during half time about environmental issues.  Can’t even begin to explain my days and I have only been here for 5 days!

– Michael Zuckerman



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