June 29, 2010

World cup road trip to the Coast of Kenya

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Last Thursday I headed to Kisumu to begin my world cup road show in Kenya. On Friday the director of Society Empowerment Project and I turned in a funding proposal for Kampala 2 Cape Town’s Female Empowerment Through Football program. The Rockefeller Foundation in partnership with the US Department of State put out a call for concept papers for the Empowerment of Women and Girls. The award is part of the State Department’s continuing emphasis on public-private partnerships, and is administered by its office of Global Women’s Issues.

Our Concept is to use female empowerment in Oyugis, through life skills education as part of after-school sports programs. Young girls are highly vulnerable in our community. They lack equal opportunity to education, limited access to sources of income; they perform child labor and are being raised in a polygamous society. Teenage pregnancy is also highly prevalent. And girls are vulnerable to HIV/AIDS as a result of their situation. By involving young girls in football, they attain a better realization of their rights. Specifically, in terms of gender equity. SEP’s agricultural program provides an avenue to food production and income generation, thus reducing dependency and increasing food rations. By providing educational support, the girls are empowered to become more self-reliant. This approach fits well with SEP’s already established programs, and with increased financial support, the impact on the community will be tremendous.

Over the weekend the director, Festus and I were interviewed about the project on Kisumu’s Lake Victoria radio show by Richard Oyoo. He asked us to describe aspects of the project and our belief in its sustainability. The interview was conducted in both Swahili and English. Festus and I spoke for an hour and a recording of the interview will hopefully be posted as soon as possible!

Last Sunday morning I headed from Kisumu to Nairobi to begin my world cup road show in Kenya. On Monday morning I took a bus to Mombasa, the coast of Kenya. Our bus was fully packed and I was able to take the last seat in the corner of the back of the bus. Our bus broke down four hours later in rural Makindu, due to problems with the engine. We ended up being stuck for 5 hours in this rural Muslim/ Swahili town. Luckily, the local roadside pub was playing the world cup. I watched as Chile beat Switzerland! Kampala 2 Cape Town Oyugis reported as having had 600 viewers that night! Many African teams were playing this past week, which increased our number of viewers. After the game, the whole bus sat on the side of the road under a paraffin lamp, eating maize, chewing Mirra and bonding. We spoke a lot about the project and development work in Kenya; a few of the locals expressed their belief that sustainable development can only come from within Kenya. They expressed great interest in having the project expand across Kenya as well as visiting the site over the next few weeks!

I woke up the next morning and took a Matatu from Mombasa to Kilifi town to visit Moving The Goal Posts, the other site in Kenya that received an open air cinema screen donated for the World Cup. A team from the BBC, sponsored by Google from the UK, was running this project called “Field of Dreams,” where they were holding 3 day training sessions training students in Kilifi in computer technology, their program is also focusing on empowering girls through soccer and education. In the evenings they would move the screen to a new venue in the most interior rural areas of Kilifi town. They have had over 500 people at their screenings.

Yesterday I journeyed all the way back to Oyugis. I came back in the early evening and was able to catch the last game in Oyugis Town Brazil beat Chile 3-0. …more to come from our Oyugis site!


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