July 8, 2010

Girls Life Skills Program Launch and Soccer Tournament

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Society Empowerment Project & Kampala 2 Cape Town (World Cup in my Village) Present:
Female Empowerment Through Football


I would like to introduce you to the Female Empowerment Through Football program that SEP is launching at the end of the first soccer world cup in Africa. Society Empowerment Project in conjunction with Kampala 2 Cape Town has partnered to build a network of youth soccer leagues across the African continent and beyond.

The world cup viewing screen was donated to SEP because we believe that SEP has a strong team of committed youth that believe in the power of football as an inspirational tool for sustainable grassroots development in Africa. The screen has been given to you so that you can use it after the world cup to grow and build upon this project.

We believe that the girls of Oyugis are very powerful and strong forces in this community and therefore decided to name our specific site in Kenya: Kampala 2 Cape Town Kenya: FEMALE EMPOWERMENT THROUGH FOOTBALL.

The idea behind this project is for you to become leaders in your own community to inspire girls to use football as a tool for facing the challenges experienced by women in this community, by forming clubs where girls fell free to speak their minds openly and freely and are comfortable seeking advice from one another.

Young women, you are the future leaders of Kenya. Your talent in football and team building has trained you in the necessary skills and strength in character to strengthen this community and your country at large. By inspiring young girls you not only share your leadership skills, but you inspire talent which can be used to strengthen the girls program and promote international recognition. The network that has been built by Kampala 2 Cape town throughout the world cup will be used to build international recognition of this project, which will allow for more outside resources to be brought in for the community, for economic and sustainable development. But, it is up to you girls to make this happen.

When I return to America I look forward to continually collaborating with SEP and Festus, Maurice, Dismus and Edwin. I want to hear stories of female leadership, ones that can be shared for generation of women in Africa to come, to strengthen this continent and allow for the world to see what I discovered long ago, Africa as the future; the future for peace, humanity and environmental sustainability.

I have spent three years working all over Africa and if I have learned anything it is that the power of Africa is in your hands, not only as women but as youth. Young boys, your parents and teachers can be inspired to recognize the power of girls and women at large in Oyugis…Kenya…Africa and in the world.

Thank you for sharing your time with me. My time in Oyugis has further allowed me to see the natural beauty and love in Kenya and I look forward to visiting again and seeing you all as the leading women of Africa.

I will truly miss you all.

Ero Kamano.,..Oriti for now…


Aliza (Akinyi) Waxman


July 4, 2010

Girls Soccer Tournament and Life Skills Training

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Today, I met with SEP’s local trainers and soccer coaches to discuss the official launch of the female empowerment program. The director and I had recruited an official life skills trainer from Kisumu to visit us on Saturday morning to discuss a potential partnership for training the girls.

After we waited for an hour of him not showing, we decided to have a brainstorming session amongst ourselves about how to create this program. We called in one of the local girls, the captain of the girl’s soccer team and sat for a couple hours as we discussed many of the issues facing girls in the Oyugis community and ways to empower them to be leaders for change. Some of the issues we came up with were: teenage pregnancy, parental neglect, prostitution resulting from poverty, and most significantly lack of knowledge of their rights as women and young girls.

We decided we will hold a girls soccer tournament, life skills introduction and final world cup game celebration party on July 11th, as a closing to the world cup, but more important an introduction to the future of female empowerment through football in Kenya.