October 9, 2010

K2CT Kenya Field Coordinator: Final Reflection

Posted in Final Reports at 11:05 pm by kampala2capetown

The second in a series of reflections on our K2CT launch from Kenya Coordinator Aliza Waxman!

Kampala 2 Cape Town (K2CT) partnered with Society Empowerment Project (SEP), a Community-Based Organization in Oyugis, Kenya to set up a community World Cup viewing venue from June – July 10th, 2010. The Two-Wheeled Foundation (a 501c3) provided SEP with an open air cinema screen, a blower, a DVD player and sufficient funds to establish the site and screen the games for all 30 days of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

From day one, SEP and the community took full ownership and responsibility over the donated equipment and maintenance of the site. They used a local technician, security guard, community chief and volunteers to set up and operate the site throughout the 30 days. The games were screened every evening on the soccer field at Kotieno Primary School, when at its height, hosted 500 viewers for the Ghana and Brazil games. During half time, K2CT Kenya organized educational activities , where SEP’s staff introduced the concept of K2CT, ‘a network of youth soccer leagues built across Africa in partnership with the United States and international community as a legacy to Africa’s first soccer World Cup’.

All of the activities were documented and shared with youth on the East Coast to engage them in philanthropic activity with the children in the rural sites.The K2CT Kenya partnership was further developed through the introduction of SEP’s Female Empowerment Through Football, a project focused on incorporating locally introduced life skills training into SEP’s girls soccer league. The goal of Female Empowerment Through Football is to train girls in leadership skills, inspire them to use football for overcoming challenges experienced by women in their local community, and create clubs where girls feel comfortable openly discussing personal issues and seeking advice from one another.

The training will educate girls on their basic human rights and equip them with knowledge and self esteem that will enable them to make healthy choices, empowering them at home and in their future relationships. In addition, the project will focus on connecting the girls to their peers in the East Coast of the United States.

On the final day of the world cup, the K2CT Kenya field coordinator and SEP organized a girls soccer tournament where they introduced the Female Empowerment project to the community, and elected the eldest girls soccer captain to lead the program. The project was introduced to the girls after the tournament by the Kenya Field Coordinator and translated into Luo, the local language.Young women, you are the future leaders of Kenya. Your talent in football and team building has equipped you with the necessary skills to strengthen this community and your country at large. By motivating young girls you will not only share your leadership skills, but inspire talent that can be used to strengthen the girls program and promote international recognition.

The network that has been built by Kampala 2 Cape town will be used to build international awareness, and bring in resources for this community, for economic and sustainable development. However, it is up to you girls to make this happen.When I return to America, I want to hear stories of female leadership, ones that can be shared for generations of women in Africa to come, to strengthen this continent and allow for the world to see what I discovered long ago, Africa as the future; the future for peace, humanity and environmental sustainability.Since the end of the world cup, SEP has reported on the progress of the project.

They have allocated US $1,315.00 USD to Female Empowerment and are currently working with the Kenya field coordinator to apply for grants and seek volunteers from Right to Play in Uganda and medical students from the University of Cape Town in South Africa to bring in life skills training for the youth and SEP’s staff. We are awaiting a the funds for follow up and our photos, videos and stories have been submitted to Two Wheeled Foundation for integrating into educational materials.


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